HHB Chat Rooms RJ's and DJ's Rules
We, At HHB Try to Entertain all Our Users, To make this chat room full of life and to enhance the atmosphare for yourself and as well as for others.

Hence We have Many RJ's and DJ's who take part in doing shows to entertain everyone. All RJ's and DJ's in Our HHB RJ's Club Dedicate their time to bring smile on your face
Hence there are some Rules which we have placed for Our RJ's to Make HHB RJ's Club Best Ever.

1:- RJ's MUST follow the Timetable at all times, at times they may decide to switch with another rj, which is fine if both party agree.


2:- RJ's who may not able to keep with their time for more than one will be contacted for explanation. At time we understand that you may have personal commitments.


3:- RJ's must not link chat room link in other chat rooms


4:- RJ's must follow admins instruction where required


5:- RJ's must not use bad language on radio or take personal attacks.


6:- RJ's must be careful in the type of songs played, and Sexual language in songs will not be allowed.


7:- RJ's must read users comments and take request where if there can


8:- RJ's must never share radio setting with anyone who has not been approved for RJ on HHB Chat.


9:- RJ's must be on RJ tag during the show /onair and remove their tag once finished /offair


10:- RJ must ignore bad comments to be read from main chat, and accept that not everyone will be your fan, so dont take it personally.


11:- RJ's Must never take over someone times and must leave radio once the next RJ is ready.


12:- once radio is free must type in main RADIO FREE so the next RJ knows.


13:- If the next RJ does not turn up for his/her show, you may continue to do show untill they arrive.


14:- If one RJ is doing show and it on your time please PM them an let them know to free the radio.