Welcome to HHB Chat, Below Given are Rules for Admins

Neeche Diye Gye Rules ko Follow Karna har Admin k Liye Zaroori hai

1 :- Only a Person who can Give At Least 4 to 6 hours Time in A Day Can Become Admin
2 :- Admins Post is Voluntary Based and We do Not Pay to Any Admins we We Do Not Earn any Money from This Website
3 :- You Are Taking Admins Position at your Own Will and Desire and We are Not Forcing You for Anything Except Following Admins Rules
4 :- Admins can Be Only Users Who Are Interactive To All The Members Including all Girls and Boys and Can Spend Time On Main Chat Room
5 :- Admins can Be Admins on HHB Chat Room Only, Any Person Who Is Using Other Chat Rooms Can Not Become An Admin in HHB Chat Room
6 :- Admins are Obliged to Give Respect To Each and Every Single Person in the Chat Rooms and to Keep Their Issues with Any User Aside
7 :- Admins are Obliged to Provide Nice, Clean and Friendly Chat Environment for Chat Room and Users
8 :- Admins are Obliged to Make Sure All The users are Following Chat Rules and In Case of Any Dispute, Admins are Responsible to React Immediately and Positively and to Create Quick Actions against Problems Creators to Let the Chat Go in A Flow.
9:- Admins are Obliged to Report any Dispute Issues to Owners at All Times by Using their Private Chat Options and to Inform Owners about the Things Happening around the chat Room
10 :- Admins are not Obliged to Stay In Chat All The Time and to We are not demanding them to leave their personal life and to provide time here, BUT Admins are Obliged to inform Owners About Their Daily Chat Time Routine and Co Ordination is a Must in case of Emergency or Any Mis Happening, We Can Understand Issues only if We Are Aware of It.